Holography[Science & Nature] 電子書籍の人気ランキング20

1  Orlando Gene Turner

Virtual Reality and Entertaining Space

Virtual Reality and Entertaining Space
商品説明:Virtual Reality when first conceived in 1860 has grown to be used as a form of Simulation and Entertainment for Health, Entertainment, Scientific, and New World experiences. This is a look at the history and the new innovative new developments of the latest Virtual Reality products and the impact they have on the World whilst the opportunity to create New Experiences become possible.。
2  Denis Hall/P.E. Jackson

The Physics and Technology of Laser Resonators

The Physics and Technology of Laser Resonators
商品説明:Comprehensive yet concise, The Physics and Technology of Laser Resonators presents both the fundamentals and latest developments in laser resonator technology, including specific case studies. The book covers various types of resonators, including unstable, ring laser, and multifold laser. It also discusses numerical resonator calculations and laser beam analysis. This reference will be of value a...
3  Raymond K. Kostuk


商品説明:This self-contained treatment of the principles, techniques, and applications of holography examines theory and practice, image analysis, specialized techniques, and a range of applications of both analog and digital holographic methods. The author, an esteemed professor in the field, describes the nature of holographic and lithographic diffraction gratings and the tools necessary for their design...
4  Xiaodi Tan/Hideyoshi Horimai/Tsutomu Shimura

Collinear Holography

Collinear Holography
商品説明:Collinear Holography Provides state-of-the-art, in-depth knowledge on the principles, devices, and applications of collinear holography In the era of Big Data, traditional magnetic and optical storage technologies are unable to satisfy the growing demand for reliable, scalable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient data storage. Holographic storage, considered the most promising technology for meet...

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